We are currently working on ShiroChan.
Stay tuned!

Flat Design

Our new design will feature a flat "like a board" style which will be crystal clear and adapt to any browser or mobile device. Think about the most moe flat-chested imouto from any anime you saw, or eroge :) that flat and awesome will be our new design!

Social Overview

Did you loved a system/feature we had? Fear not! Everything will be back! But not only that, we are also working to implement new features we never had, nor dare to think about. But... we let us tell you how far we want to go:
"Changing the way people talk and watch anime!"

Free to Use!

As expected, your Shiro-neechan will be free to join and free to use! All you need is an account and you will be ready to connect with hundreds and hundreds of other people around the globe who loves the same anime, hentai, doujinsji and eroge games that you love! Ready for beta testing? Subscribe to our mailing list right now!